Insulated Roller Doors

Insulated roller doors are a great space saving idea. They are vertical rising and take up minimal room inside of the garage. Great if you have a short driveway and a conventional door can’t be opened when your vehicle is parked on the driveway.


Offering both insulation and the convenience of automation, With a simple press of a button your new garage door can be opened or closed from the comfort of your vehicle.


The door comes with a built in safety edge that sits on the floor creating a floor seal. The safety edge eliminates the risk of entrapment and offers peace of mind once closed the same seal becomes the alarm sensor that once triggered sets off a 105dB alarm.


The SWS Seceuroglide insulated door also comes with Secure by Design accreditation

SWS White insulated Roller Door

 We offer two makes of insulated roller doors. Our preferred door is the SWS original. This door offers all of the high end options that we would expect from a great roller door such as, 

Secure by design

Alarmed 105dB

7 year warranty 

Aluminium extruded auto locks (vs generic plastic auto locks)

Strength and durability

Dedicated locking locking system

Steel endplates

Larger than standard motor tube

Webbed lath 

Somfy motor and control panel

And excellent after sales supplied by the manufacturer

Somfy Contols

Roller Door Control Panels

Somfy Rollixo RTS is our preferred choice of control panel when installing a new garage door.  (Somfy is a market leader in roller door technology) the control panel comes with two handsets as standard and each handset can control up to four doors. 


The simple controls on the panel are self explanatory  UP-STOP-DOWN.


The control panel also has built in alarm 105db that is activated should anyone try to open the door manually from the bottom edge.

roller door bottom safety edge transmitter

There are two types of roller door bottom safety edge transmitter, wireless and wired we prefer  the wired option as this is more reliable.


Wireless are equally as effective but are prone to flat batteries when this happens the door will open but will not close. without continuously holding the control button until the door has closed! 


The wired option version does not suffer this same problem.


SWS carry one of the largest standard ranges of standard RAL colours  with 18 colours to choose from they also offer a any RAL or BS colour option so the option are true endless.


Should you want a woodgrain effect door they have over 40 different laminate finishes that carry a 10 year warranty.


SWS will also send you a FREE sample of any of these colours should you request one directly to your home. 


When we call to your home to measure for your bespoke garage door we carry a sample kit showing all of the above colours to help you choose the correct colour and finish. Choosing a colour from a brochure is not never a good idea as printing often distorts the actual colour.

Manual Over Rides

All door come with the facility to open the garage door in the event of a power failure. the simplest version of this is the cranked handle that fits directly onto the door and locates in to an eyelet that passes directly into the motor. simply rotate the handle in a clockwise /counter clockwise motion to operate the door manually.


Should there be no internal access to the garage via side door for example a means of manual operation would still be required. Should there be a power failure there would simply be no access into the garage without causing damage. so the solution to this problem is the manual external over ride this allows access into the garage via a simple lock and cranked handle. note the handle must always be stored in the house not the garage. 

Standard manual over ride

Standard Cranked handle for manual operation of the garage door in the event of a power failure. 


simply rotate in the direction indicated on the red tag to open and close the garage door.

manual external over ride lock

External manual over ride locking face plate by removing the barrel this gives access to the manual option of opening the garage door. 


this is only used supplied when there is no rear enterance into the garage.

manual external over ride internal

The internal part to to the manual external over ride. The grey clip at the bottom of the over ride is removal and this allows the over ride to be used as a standard cranked handle.


Should the power fail while you are working in the  garage wit the door closed.

external manual over ride handle

The manual over ride handle inserted into the internal part of over ride allowing access from the outside of the garage.